Better Than An UBER Special

Whether you are traveling to and from an event, going to the bar, or just want to relax and let someone else drive; give us a call and we can be your personal limousine. Why spend the same or more on several Uber’s, Lyft’s, or cab’s when you and your friends can split a top of the line limousine.

*Special valid for Sunday – Thursday only (week night special)

One-Way Travel

Travel Point A to B (up to 15 miles): $149.00
Each mile beyond 15 miles will be billed at $3.00 per mile.

Two-Way Travel

Travel Point A to B (up to 15.00 miles): $249.00
Each mile beyond 15 miles will be billed at $6.00 per mile.

Why Better Than an Uber?

  • Less than $15 per person
  • Pre-booked & guaranteed ride
  • No surge pricing
  • No taxi lines
  • Safe way to travel
  • 5 min to book
  • Stylish limousine arrival
  • Top of the line chauffeur service
  • Continue party all the way to the venue

What a great way to travel! Book it now or call 515.868.1819!

Reserve Now

– Offer only valid Sunday – Thursday
– Pricing does not include gratuity, fuel, or tax
– Offer may not be valid on Holiday’s or other high demand days such as college sporting events, concerts, dances, Iowa State Fair, etc.
– Trips beyond 25 miles will become charter or hourly trips, mileage is determined from our shop address. 


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