Iowa Caucus Transportation

With the 2016 Iowa Caucus approacPasted image at 2015_10_14 11_44 AMhing this winter, Luxxor Limo offers premier chauffeur and private transportation services that are perfect for presidential candidates, staff, and supporters visiting Iowa. Whether you’re looking for a personal chauffeur during your entire visit to Iowa, or comfortable and elegant transportation from the airport, we will make your entire travel experience enjoyable.

Historically, the Iowa Caucuses have played a large part in the early election process, bringing a large population to Des Moines for news and media coverage. Leave the stress of getting from place to place safely during this busy time, so you and your team can focus on your mission while in Iowa.

Luxxor Limo is the leading provider of premier limousine and private transportation services in Iowa, bringing you curbside assistance from the airport to your hotel, and everywhere in between. 

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