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If you’re looking to sample some of the local spirits on a winery, brewery or distillery tour, let Luxxor Limousines take care of the driving for you, so all you’ll have to do is sit back and enjoy the sumptuous interiors of our luxury fleet.

You’ll be able to enjoy all the flavors that Des Moines (and its next-door neighbors) has to offer in supreme luxury when you book your limo rental with Luxxor Limousines. Whether it be a limousine wine tour, brewery tour, or distillery tour we have you covered.

 Beer Breweries

1. Confluence Brewing Company –Launched in October 2012, Confluence proudly boasts its three flagship beers—Farmer John’s Multi-grain Ale, Des Moines IPA and the Capital Gold Lager—and a seemingly endless array of meticulously crafted seasonal and limited brews.

2. Firetrucker Brewery – Newly launched in July 2014 and located just down the road in Ankeny, Firetrucker Brewery offers a delectable selection of smoky porters and stouts, and a monthly lineup of outstanding seasonal beers to perfectly sate your appetite year-round.

3. 515 Brewing Company – Located in Clive, Iowa, 515 Brewing Company opened in March 2013 and its founders have channeled their passion for craft brews into a menu that rewards those looking to expand their pallet. Highlights include the Wired Heifer—stout brewed with coffee from the local Java Joe’s—and D.A.R.T. Dodger—a full-flavored West Coast style IPA.


1. Jasper Winery – Located in the heart of downtown Des Moines, Jasper winery boasts a sublime collection of premium wines using grapes from local Central Iowa vineyards, and they also offer tours of the winery and onsite vineyards.

2. Covered Bridges Winery – As you might expect, Covered Bridges Winery is located in the picturesque Madison County, and what could be better than a relaxing limousine ride through the rolling hills and iconic covered bridges? Covered Bridges Winery embraces traditional winemaking techniques, producing elegant wines of all varieties that implement signature 100% Iowa-grown French-American hybrid grapes.

3. Two Saints Winery – Family-owned and nestled in Warren County’s rolling hills, Two Saints’ winery offers a selection of handcrafted wines that appeal to all sensibilities, implementing Iowa-grown grapes chosen for their ability to withstand Iowa’s extreme weather swings. Not only does Two Saints boast a delicious range of complimentary wines, but they also take great pains to use conservation measures at all turns, demonstrating a dedication to good land stewardship.

4. Tassel Ridge Winery – Just a pleasant drive away, in Leighton, Tassel Ridge offers illuminating tours of the winery, where a qualified guide will walk guests through grape growing practices in Iowa, vineyard planting and harvesting, and all steps in producing the exquisite wine that Tassel Ridge prides itself in.

5. Summerset Winery – Located just south of Des Moines, Summerset Winery is one of the oldest estate wineries in Iowa, having transformed from humble beginnings in the owner’s basement to its current residence in an upscale repurposed barn that houses a cellar, wine-tasting room, event halls, gift shop and grand banquet hall. Summerset offers a rich selection of diverse wines, all of which nicely compliment the sweeping vistas of the beautiful Iowa landscape.


1. Iowa Distilling Company – Dedicated to bringing distilling back to its roots, Iowa Distilling Company proudly highlights the relationship between good local grains and high-quality spirits. Its selection of Steel Drum Rum, double-distilled Prairie Fire cinnamon whiskey, and Country Gal Moonshine, are sure to win you over, and you’re certain to gain some valuable insight into the historic distilling process along the way.

2. Broadbent Distillery – This small Micro Distillery proudly produces Grappa and Corn Whiskey using Iowa-grown fruit and grains, and highlights of the collection include the classic Two Jay’s Iowa Corn Whiskey and the tangy Bella Orangecello. The boys down at Broadbent will win you over with their heart, and they’ll keep you around with the smoothness and quality of their product.

Present your chauffeur with your own itinerary or make your selection from the established favorites—we’ll make sure that you and your fellow aficionados will be escorted in comfort and class to the wineries, breweries and distilleries of your choice. And by the end of the day, we’re confident you’ll see what makes Luxxor Limousines the most upscale and accommodating limo service Des Moines has to offer.

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