There are few joys in life as profound as welcoming a new child into your family and beginning a beautiful journey through life, navigating all of the peaks and valleys that your child will face, dreaming of a bright future, relishing those special moments of shared love, happiness and excitement.

But, of course, those sublime joys are accompanied by their fair share of exhausting counterparts—sporadic sleep, irregular feeding schedules, all those dirty diapers…Taking care of a newborn is a singularly demanding task and at time can wear down even those super moms and super dads that seem to make it all look so effortless.

No matter how many baby books you’ve read (and no matter how many children you’ve already had) there’s no way to get around the reality that you’re in for some long nights in the coming days. So why not take advantage of a ride home from the hospital in the comfort of one Luxxor Limousines’ exquisite luxury vehicles—the finest limousines Des Moines has to offer.

You won’t have to worry about fetching the car from long-term hospital parking, leaving mother and baby waiting for you to pull through the drive. Our punctual drivers will be there waiting for you at precisely the time you need them, and they’ll take care of loading all your gear so you can take a load off and enjoy the relaxing comfort of our beautiful limousines.

When you book your Des Moines Limousine from Luxxor, your child’s first limousine ride will be in the careful hands of our expertly-trained chauffeurs, and (as always) safety is our top concern. Our drivers boast spotless driving records and years of experience navigating the city, so you’ll have nothing to worry about except enjoying these moments with your new bundle of joy.

You’ve all worked hard, and you deserve the relaxation that comes with an effortless ride home with our cozy Des Moines Limousine Service. So treat yourselves to a restful ride in one of our snug luxury vehicles, overflowing with conveniences and amenities.

At Luxxor Limousines, we boast a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, so you can take your pick in selecting the right vehicle for you and your family—from our cozy 6-passenger Ford Explorer to our peacefully luxurious 10-passenger Lincoln Town Car. No matter which vehicle you select, you’ll enjoy a smooth ride at the pinnacle of comfort in the skilled hands of our seasoned Des Moines limousine drivers.

And as you look to the future, Luxxor Limousines will be there throughout the years to herald you and your child through the rest of those milestones—birthday parties, graduations, weddings, anniversaries—but for now, you can simply sit back in ultimate relaxation and dream about the wonderful future you’ll provide for your newborn.

Dial (515) 868-1819 for a free quote today, and learn how you can treat your family to a comfy ride home that will help ease your transition back into the commotion of everyday life.

See for yourself why Luxxor Limousines is the best limo service Des Moines has to offer!

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